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what’s your best quality?

How do you answer this?  I always feel vain and/or arrogant answering questions like this.

A friend of mine posted in her great blog talking about the same thing.  (Feel free to give her posts a read here and here.)  It was the combination of these two posts that got my gears moving.

Not only do we think more of the negative aspects of ourselves, but also, when we do finally acknowledge the good about ourselves, we keep it to ourselves in an attempt to seem humble.  Ugh!  It’s all a little frustrating if you ask me.

This YouTube video is beautifully done:


So to deal with this the best way I can, here I go:

My personal description: 5’4″, 155 pounds.  I consider myself overweight still.  I think my ears are too big so I always like to keep them covered up.  I think my breasts are too small in proportion to my hips.  I think legs are always going to big, whether it be through muscle or fat.  I hate the toes on my right foot because my middle toe is the same length as my second toe.  I am paranoid that people stare at my skin because I have eczema and KP and halo nevi moles all over my body.  I can’t help but stare and wonder how my hands got to looking so old.  While I don’t “regret” the stretch marks from my pregnancies, I hate how it has made my stomach look.  Most of this is all minor stuff that no one really notices or cares about.

Now onto the things that I’m proud of: I love my hair.  I love my freckles.  I like having high cheek bones and defined eyes.  I like that my eyes are an amber brown.  I like my neck.  I like having small palms and long fingers.  I like that I have an athlete’s body hiding underneath my years of bad dietary decisions.  I love that once I get past the initial shock of a new activity, I tend to pick it up quickly.

Why was it so much easier to write the top list?

Just goes to prove that become a “better” you need to work on the inside just as much as the out.


First and foremost: LINK IS HOME!!! His two week “vacation” started this morning, so I was crazy getting the house and kids ready, which is more or less the reason I haven’t posted much in the past week (ish).

Now, onto blog business. A quick update with my “no scale” challenge. It’s been hard. Honestly. I hate not knowing how much I weigh. At one point, a couple of weeks ago, Nick wanted to get my stats, so I found out then what my weight was, and seriously, it was like getting taking a huge breath after you’ve been underwater to that point just before you know you might want to consider coming up for air. I haven’t looked since though. I’m starting to feel the “itch” though. LOL May 4th is the day my scale comes back out. One more week.

On Friday Nick decided it was a good day to work my entire back half. Wow. Lots of dead lifts. Lots and lots of dead lifts. I was actually able to do 185 pounds, whereas last week I could only do 165 pounds. 20 pound difference in a week? I’ll take it! I try to tell myself those are the numbers that matter, even if it doesn’t sink in every time.

We also did some ab work on the TRX. It’s a great training area/device/contraption/torture device if you can find the right form. Some of the exercises are a bit hard to find the right form, at least for me they are, but I think that’s what I’m going to start working on because I really do like how it works.

I’ve included a couple of pictures that Nick took while I was working with cables and while on the TRX.

—Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have!

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verb: 1. To surge over and submerge; engulf      2. To affect deeply in mind or emotion      3. To present with an excessive amount      4. To turn over; upset

Yesterday I was reading this article and one word just stuck out like a sore effin thumb.  Overwhelmed.  I continued to read the article and for the life of me, I just couldn’t get that word out of my head.

I thought the article was great, as is most of the articles I read from that site, but I knew a nerve had been struck.  I am not the kind of person who asks for help.  I try my damnedest to do things on my own.  Independence is a big deal for me.  Then, to admit that maybe, just maybe, I bit off more than I could chew, yeaaaa, that never happens.  I just suck it up, stress the crap out, and move on while doing whatever it was I set out to do.

So in the short of it, yes, I am overwhelmed.  I’m dealing with Link’s deployment.  I’m dealing with trying to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with my two girls.  I’m dealing with a baby who has been teething for 9 months.  I’m dealing with living in my parents’ home and trying not disturb their lifestyle too much.  I’m dealing with losing weight.  I’m dealing with becoming healthy.  I’m dealing with starting school in the fall to finish my bachelor’s.  I’m dealing with the fact that the next year is going to fly by with a move, a redeployment, school, and holidays all following each other in close succession.

But… I am dealing.  I am managing.  I am frustrated.  I am happy.  I am tired.  I am strong.  I am ready for a break LOL

I am trying to focus on the small things again.  Getting a workout in, however small, at least 4 days a week.  Keeping the processed food away from me.  Accept my mistakes and learn from them.  There isn’t much I can do in reference to my school until June so that one I just have to let go until then.  Link’s R&R is next week, so that will help tremendously!!

One day at a time…


Posted on: April 23, 2013

Cinnamon Protein Bread

Thanks to a blog I follow, I will definitely be trying a new yummy bread!  I will post reviews as soon as it’s made!

and I need to face him.  I am craving sweets like crazy again.  That may just be me I’m realizing.  Without thinking I had a mini blizzard on Friday night then a small ice cream from Rita’s on Saturday night!  I seriously didn’t even realize I had eaten ice cream two night in a row until this morning when I was trying to remember how long ago it was since I had that blizzard.  I am noticing that the weekends are just flat out hard for me.  During the week, I’ve got a routine and it’s easy enough to stick to.  I feel so in control.  

Come Saturday though… 


I don’t eat breakfast right away because I have a weight watchers meeting at 8:30.  So I postpone it until 9:30 or so, which means I’ve been awake for roughly two hours at that point without breaking my fast… and I’m starving.  I either turn to Dunkin Donuts for my skim milk iced coffee with splenda and an everything donut with a little bit of light veggie cream cheese, or once I get home I eat a huge bowl of cereal with whole or almond milk.  

Then maybe it’s because I ate so much later than normal, but I don’t feel the urge to eat lunch until closer to 2pm or so.  Of course I don’t always make the best choices, like a basic sandwich sans veggies, with some other simple processed snack to go with it.  I’ll snack around 4 or 5pm with my nut mix, and since my Mom tends to cook on the weekends it’s not always the friendliest to my goals. 

for example: Saturday night we had oven “fried” chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli.  Sunday night we had SOS (otherwise known as creamed chipped beef on toast).

I don’t pig out at least.  But I don’t make something healthier for me.  I try to make the best of it…  wait.  That sounds like I don’t like the food.  Of course I like the food!  It’s delicious!  I love it when my Mom cooks!  It’s just not always something I would have made having certain goals in mind.

Finally, I want to point something out.  Have you noticed I haven’t mentioned water once?  That’s because I rarely drink anything on the weekends!  I have no idea why!  But it may also be why I want sweets as bad as I do.  It may be a fall back for me since I love fruit and fruit has a lot of water and maybe if I eat some fruit I’ll rehydrate a little…  Well, it’s a worth a thought at least! LOL  

I planned out this coming Saturday and Sunday and I have every intention of sticking to the plan!  Normally I leave spaces open for them to kinda “play” with.  I can’t do that anymore.  I check out all the way on the weekends and that’s not how I’m going to better myself.  This is my challenge right now….

I’m hoping that with better planning, I can prepare myself for the sneak attacks coming from the snack pantry! Tomorrow, I’ll be firing up the grill and getting the bulk of the meats cooked up and ready to go. Hopefully this works!Image

I’m sure y’all have figured out that I really like lifting weights now. Well, while Link is off in LaLa land, he and his buddies created a weightlifting challenge of sorts. They have a reward system but I honestly can’t remember how it’s set up. The events are dead lift, squat and bench press.  To get the lowest reward, their combined weight has to reach 500 pounds, the second reward is 800 pounds, and the top reward is for a combine weight of 1000 pounds.  Crazy right?!  I asked him what the standards were for women since there are women over there too (I’m all about EO)!  He said he thinks the numbers are 300, 400 and 600 pounds.

I don’t have any idea what possessed me to tell Nick about this challenge but I did.  The immediate effect I had after seeing his reaction was “uh oh!”  Of course we wanted me to do it!  I was thinking okay, I know I can get the 300 pound mark, but the others are way too far off… at least for now.  Nick, being the awesome trainer that he is, said we’re gonna skip right over that 300 mark, and shoot straight for 400.  I told him he was crazy!  I started thinking either he’s seriously overestimating my ability, or I’m seriously underestimating them.  We planned to go through it this past Friday.  Well, between the squat and the deadlift, I was 325.  So maybe I was underestimating myself a bit…  The bench press proved to be really hard for me though.

during the warm up... 45's on each side

during the warm up… 45’s on each side

There is apparently a proper way to do a bench press that quite literally engages all your muscles, not just your chest.  It was a very awkward feeling, and he thinks that is the reason I didn’t lift more.  I lifted 65 pounds.  Here is an article that explains “proper” form.

I was really surprised at my weights!  And we didn’t do the math until after we were done to figure out exactly where I was.  Also, the chest press wasn’t my max because I was able to do six reps, as well as the squat, which I did three of.  After he did his max calculations, he said that it would technically be 407 pounds.  So, I actually lifted 390 pounds but maxed out at 407 pounds!  I’ll take it!  These are the measurements that really matter.  Not just how much I weigh!  There are so many other indicators to put my focus on to measure my health and fitness.

Nick warned me I’d be sore.  He didn’t lie.  Today I had a long run planned but once I woke up this morning I realized very quickly there would be no running.  Today was definitely taken as a rest day!  I will get my run in tomorrow morning!

seem to quickly find little yummies just hanging out, asking to be eaten!  

I have been meaning to write this particular entry for quite a while now.  I am notorious for late-night snacking.  Sweet.  Salty.  Crunchy.  Creamy.  It never seemed to be anything in particular.  It was definitely a habit I made.  While I was pregnant with my second daughter, I would eat a bowl of cereal every night right before bed.  And I’m not talking a little bowl.  I’m thinking the bowls were easily two servings worth.  That little habit I formed followed me into my non-preggers time.  Quite annoying if I do say so myself.

Over the winter (2012-2013) I really picked up an old craft that I learned when I was a child.  Crocheting.  I found a super cute pattern for an owl hat and decided I’d make one for all of us.  They went super quickly and once my husband (who from here on out shall be referred to as Link) received his hat downrange, people actually starting asking if I could make them some.  That they’d pay me!  Well, hey!!!  Why not?!  


Besides finding out that I really do enjoy crocheting, I have found a “side effect.”  Losing weight!  Haha, yes.  I do most of my crocheting after my kiddos go down for the night since I more or less get lost in my projects.  And since I was getting lost, I was thinking about the little yummies that wanted to be eaten.  It took me a while to make the connection, but once I did, I knew I had to keep it up.  

Eventually the weather started getting warmer, so the orders stopped coming in… and the little yummies have started calling again.  I see the pattern happening already.  Luckily, I know that I just need to get some yarn on my hook and just crochet!  Who would have thought that simply preoccupying your mind with something other than food would work so well?  I surely didn’t.  I am so happy for it though.  

Do you have a something to preoccupy yourself?  Do you read (something besides my blog of course)?  Do you do a craft of some sort?  Are you a super cleaner?  (<—-definitely not me lol)  They say variety is the spice of life, so hit me up!

San Antonio Rock 'n Roll Marathon

It’s done! I will be running my first marathon, EVER! Wish me luck!

What inspires you?  What makes you wake up in the morning?  What puts a smile on your face before you go to bed?  What calms you when you’re angry, lifts you when you’re sad?

The events at the Boston Marathon are another memorable event in our nation’s history.  These men and women strive so hard to qualify for one of, if not THE most prestigious marathon in our nation.  How are they repaid?  Two explosives detonated at the finish line.  This 100 year old tradition has been ruined and now, how many people will forego this particular even out of fear?

I will be running my first ever marathon in November.  I want my health to be at it’s peak of performance.  I need to pull inspiration from somewhere in order to find the focus needed in order to complete a task of this magnitude.  Running 26.2 miles is nothing to scoff at.  My inspiration, from here on out, for every run I go on, will be those runner in today’s marathon.  They are owed it.  Running is their sport and fear is quickly trying to take over.  I won’t let fear stop me.

I haven’t officially signed the paperwork to do the marathon, but immediately upon pressing “publish” I will be heading over to the site and “signing” my name on the dotted line.  I will run a marathon, and I will not let this event stop me.  I will pull strength from watching the news and keeping tabs on some of the runners that had to endure today’s terror acts.  

My thoughts go to all the runners, volunteers, and onlookers at today’s event.  

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