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It’s May 31st so that means my Whole30 challenge starts tomorrow.  If you read one of the last posts (click here) you know that these past few days I did some nutritional cleaning so that I’m not as shocked for what awaits me with this challenge.

Brain fart.  This isn’t a challenge!  It’s an opportunity!!

Back to what I was saying…  My diet consisted of A LOT of white fish and lean chicken for my protein sources and a ridiculous amount of broccoli, asparagus and spinach for my greens.  My traditional carb intake was next to nil, and in it’s place stood the wonderful sweet potato.

First off, I believe I am mentally ready for this.  While preparing myself for this, I have been reading the book “It Starts with Food” which goes hand in hand with the Whole30 Challenge.  I read the section about not including grains and I thought, “dang, not even quinoa?!  I just starting liking the stuff!!”

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 11.37.36 PM

Yesterday and today I had my blood sugar drop too low because I was training too hard without enough fuel in the tank.  This morning I needed a sugar hit fast because all the yuck was coming with a vengence.  I ate a bowl of almond milk and some honey bunches of oats (it’s what was in the house…).  Now, you’re probably asking yourself why I’m telling you this.  Because for the rest of the day I had bubble guts!

Sorry, it’s a wee bit gross, but I swear… one week off of “traditional” carbs and primarily processed foods and my stomach went into temper tantrums!  It’s over 12 hours later and I’m just now finally feeling some relief.  I had no idea it would effect me like that.  I had no idea that eating so clean would detox my system so quickly.

I am ready.  I know there will moments I will cave and in those moments I will have to endure the consequences.  Hopefully I remember how this feels.  Because this sucks.  I already know there are a few exceptions I’m making to my challenge and it’s simply because of the workload I pull during my trainings.  (1) I will have a protein shake (with just water) immediately following my training sessions and (2) I will have a second protein shake (with almond milk) directly before bed to help me sleep and hold me on through breakfast the next day.  I don’t honestly know how the Whole30 folks feel about supplements but I will still be taking my stash of those too.  The big cuts and adjustments I will have to learn to live with are virtually no “traditional” grainy carbs and absolutely NO refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.  My sugar will be severely limited and restricted to coming from plant sources.  I am also going to up the amount of veggies I am taking in and learn how to get really friendly with the spices 😉

These are all changes that need to happen.  My nutritional intake in completely under my control. I am excited and nervous about this.  I can’t promise I’ll update daily but I will be taking pictures of some of the food choices I’m making.  And for starters:

photo 3photo 2photo 1

If you’ve got any advice or suggestions shoot them my way!  Or even if you’ve got questions, feel free to ask and I’ll do the best I can to answer it 🙂


Before and After

I posted this on my facebook page so I thought I’d share it with you lovely people. The “after” is from this mornings workout.

One of the bloggers I follow had this great entry about the difference 10 minutes can make!  I high suggest you read it!!

10 Minutes.

This weekend I didn’t eat clean, didn’t eat bad.  I was mindful but I was also letting myself indulge.  And every single time I did, I felt like crap afterwards.  This is a good thing.  I want to remember why these foods are “bad” for my system.

Being the week before my Whole30 challenge, I am using it to get my shopping list together, arrange the pantry, freezer and fridge so it’s friendlier for what I am about to do, and mentally prepare.  My nutritional intake will be on point, and will be 80-90% clean.  I’m hoping this will make the transition into the challenge less “shocking” on my system.  My psychological system that is…

Just as a reference point:

Addiction – (broadly) persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be physically, psychologically, or socially harmful

I’ve got addiction that are not food related, and for the sake of this blog I will list a couple of them.  Smoking (broken!!), sugar, simple carbs, weighing in on the scale (broken!!), and compulsive spending.  If you’ve been reading my blog since the scale challenge you know how hard of an addiction that had become for me.  Its results determined my outlook for the entire day!!  I now weigh in once a week, but take into account numerous other factors as well as what non-scale victories I’ve had recently.  If you have no idea what challenge I’m talking about head over here to catch up.  When it came to quitting smoking, I knew the only way for me to succeed was to quit cold turkey.  I couldn’t ease out of it.  So far so good, as I haven’t had a cigarette since March 2013.  As for the compulsive spending, Link and I have set up a separate checking account for monies not included in bills and fixed expenditures and are basically utilizing an envelope system to help me break that one.  Now, I’m hoping, the Whole30 Challenge will help break my addiction and cravings for sugar and simple carbs.  Time will tell….

You don’t need to share your addictions with me but I’m curious to know if you’ve found any particular way to help stop them….

I don’t get to post many of these because, well, I’m the one working out!  Nick was nice enough to get these for me.  I did have a slight injury to my left groin area after working out on Saturday.  It was bad enough I had to cut the training short, but it’s doing much better now.  At my training I made sure to tell Nick if it was being bothered or not and we adjusted the exercise as necessary.

He’s got me doing all sorts of exercises, but the pictured ones below are just a straight leg dead lift and lunges.  The step is there because I can  go further than my toes and deeper in my lunges thanks to my flexibility.  And thanks to my flexibility and Nick knowing how flexible I am, he makes me get the FULL range of motion when working out.  I hear “go deeper” or “further down” almost every time I train with him.  (Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself!!)

In any case, here are the pictures as promised!

photo 1photo 3


Wanna know what else is cool??  Or at least I think it is…

See the bulge in the middle of my hamstring?  That is apparently the “bicep femoris.”  Bicep makes you think of your arm right?  Two and two together…  That muscle basically reacts like your arm bicep!  And you can see mine now!!  Yay.

And just for reference:

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 11.58.49 AM

That’s right.  I’ve set yet another goal for myself!

I gotta have something to work towards otherwise I let it all fall by the wayside…

So, what is this new goal you ask?  It’s a physical ability goal.

I WANT TO DO HANDSTANDS!!  At minimum, I want to do a bonded headstand.  I was looking up the benefits of doing hand/head stands and it’s amazing.  It’s not just for strength.  If I had a wee bit more timed, I’d list them all, but for now I just though I’d let all of you wonderful folks know what’s keeping this mind of mine going!


(I have never ever ever done anything inverted so I’m doing baby steps.  I’ve never even done a cartwheel!!  This is where I’m at now…  I hold this for about 45 secs, and while I’m doing it a lift my elbows off my knees, steady, bring them back down.  This way I engage and strengthen my core.)

I’m not going to lie.  The term “health food” conjures up images of carrots and celery sticks, tofu mixed in everything, and bland foods in general.  Porridge.  Yes, porridge comes to mind.  I honestly have no idea what porridge looks or tastes like, but that’s what I am imagining.

I actually get a little testy when people say something along the lines of “You’re such a healthy eater now…  Don’t you miss the good stuff?”


Why do i have this negative idea of “healthy” foods?  I’ve got this ridiculous relationship with food.  I’ll eat a bowl of ice cream knowing it will turn my stomach into knots, simply because I like it’s taste.  I will devour a brownie because it’s just so rich and wonderful, but leaves a nasty aftertaste.  Mmmmm, thinking of a big fat juicy burger right now with Memorial Day right around the corner.  You know the kind I’m talking about… the kind that you can see the juice (otherwise known as FAT) dripping off the burger, with a thick slice of cheese and some veggies for appearance purposes only!  It will put me into a state of uncomfortable fullness, and I will have the damnedest time trying to stop myself from eating the whole thing.

Now put something fresh in front of me (I’m talking veggies/fruit here) and I’m so much more aware of my satiety levels.  I don’t have any “side effects.”  My cravings are taken care of and I don’t feel guilty afterwards.  Lean meats, particular white meats give me the protein I need to fuel my lifestyle without leaving me feeling like i’m full of EXTRA FAT (and we all know I don’t need any extra of that).  

I have to break up with my sweets.  I have to say au revoir to the fatty meats.  Adios to a nutritional lifestyle that is only holding me back from my goals of peak fitness and health.  To help me do this, I will be doing the Whole 30 Challenge.  It’s going to be crazy hard.  I am honestly very nervous about it.  I am worried I’ll fail.  I’ll cheat more times than I can count.  I’m worried that I just don’t have the will power to get through this divorce.  

I am starting the challenge June 1st.  I’ve got a week long trip to San Antonio and then family visiting at the end of the month with a trip a local amusement part.  I will be thoroughly challenged.  I am setting up plans of actions now.  I’m a visual person so I know in order to change I need constant reminders in my face.  Once I figure out exactly what type of reminders I need, I’m going to share it with all of you.

I’m curious though.  What is your relationship with food?  Do you eat as you wish? Clean? Paleo? Have you done this challenge?

I was going through some of my old weight watchers goodies and I realized something.  I have been working on improving myself has hit it’s one year anniversary.

Yes, I have been dealing with my weight for a number years now, but I’ve got actual documentation from weight watchers.  When I joined weight watchers it was May 12, 2012 and I weighed 188.8 pounds.  I was roughly 6 weeks post-partum and miserably tired.

I am 155 pounds (give or take depending on the day LOL) and I’m happy.  Honestly happy.  There was a time that I was so frustrated with my scale that I was honestly depressed I “couldn’t” lose weight anymore.  I am at my body’s comfort zone right now.  And I’m okay with that.  I am in a size 6 (I just found that out yesterday!!) and I’m the smallest and strongest I’ve ever been.  I’m toned.  I have confidence in myself.  So much so that I’ve signed up for a marathon of all things!!

I don’t count my points anymore, but I do watch my caloric intake, as well as watching my macro nutrients.  I drink anywhere between a half and whole gallon of water a day, and if I don’t, I’ve got a headache the whole next day.  My diet is roughly 70% clean and that works for me and my family.

In order to celebrate this “anniversary” here are some things I’ve learned along the way:

  • You can’t out-exercise a bad diet
  • Sometimes you need to give yourself a break, indulge and get back on the wagon
  • Food intake has been the absolute hardest part of changing my lifestyle
  • Forgive yourself, you are not perfect
  • Drink water.  Drink when you’re thirsty.  Drink when you’re hungry.  Drink when you THINK your hungry.  Just drink!
  • You will have set backs.  You will over indulge and love every single taste.  You’ll feel like crap shortly after.  You will be fine and you just need to put that in the memory bank for the next time you want to eat the whole batch of delicious cupcakes you make for you daughter’s birthday 😉
  • Lift weights and lift heavy!
  • push your limits
  • find yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually.  it makes a difference
  • You can’t plan out every single day and expect it to actually work every single day.  work with the challenges.  they make you stronger
  • a little retail therapy when you’ve lost your motivation can go a long way
  • planning = success
  • TAKE EVERY SINGLE COMPLIMENT YOU ARE GIVEN.  (and don’t be so stingy with them either)
  • You are more important than what the scale reads.  You will plateau on the scale but not in reality.
  • Take progress pictures!!

Okay I should probably stop.  Yes, I’ve learned a lot.  Some of them are more at the front of my brain than others, but they are in there regardless.

If you are on your own journey, I wish you all the best!

I had to take a week off!  From what?  Well, apparently everything!  I ate what I wanted.  I didn’t track any of it.  I cried from the loneliness.  I laughed with my kids.  I worked my butt off at the gym.  I sat on my butt at home.  I did whatever I felt like.  I didn’t blog any of it.  I didn’t crochet.  I did whatever the mood told me to do.  I stayed up until after midnight numerous nights.  When I was tired, I slept.  It was just a week off.

Link is gone, again.  Playing in the sandbox, so I’m back to missing him horribly.  I had a baby maker scare right as he was leaving, but yay, no buns in this oven!  (note – we do want more, just not yet…  The littlest one is only 14 months old!!)  I was literally finding every excuse in the book to justify what it was I was doing, be it for my own improvement, or more likely, when it wasn’t.

But the scare is over.  My training has picked up again.  Nick wants all my workouts to be super-secret spy stuff so we can shock the world with my massive improvements.  LOL  Not really, but we are keeping the workouts under wraps for the time being.  Just know, he’s quite literally working my booty off and up!  Even with this past week being crap as far as my diet was concerned, I am still really excited to take and post my progress pictures.  I think I’m supposed to do them again next weekend.  Since I don’t like the actual action of taking the pictures, I’m only doing them monthly.

I thought I would show a quick little progress picture.  My family took some pictures last July 2012 and we just took some more while Link was here.  I’m quite happy with how everyone has improved. 🙂Image       July 2012

Image      May 2013

HIIT workout

I did this yesterday and ❤ 'd it!!

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