If not for the skinny jeans…

time for r&r

Posted on: June 7, 2013

sweet potato "hash" with baked eggs and asparagus, with a side of grapes

sweet potato “hash” with baked eggs and asparagus, with a side of grapes

That’s right.  My own r&r .

Ravenous & regretful.

I woke up this morning and everything was great!  I even made an awesome breakfast which I devoured on my way to the gym!  I just knew that I was over that nasty hump from the detoxing.

I had a stellar workout with Nick and left there feeling accomplished!

I promised my grandmother that we’d go out to lunch with her and between her and the goob making the decision, we found ourselves at Cracker Barrel.

Dun dun duuuuuuun!

(1) The typical American carb-laden breakfast is my favorite meal!!  (2) I purposefully stay away from CB because I love their food.  (3) At that point, I felt like I was starving!

Wait, let me back track a little bit.  I haven’t had much of an appetite for roughly a month – a month and a half.  I’ll get hungry, but as soon as food (or drink, to include water) is in front of me, I don’t want it.  I’ve literally been force feeding myself so I wouldn’t go into “starve mode.”  It’s been rather frustrating.

Back to today.  It felt like my appetite had finally come back, and with a vengeance!  I threw all care away and ate exactly what I wanted.  I hadn’t had a real desire to eat for so long, I didn’t care!  I ate biscuits and gravy, eggs, and grits, and it tasted delicious.  My grandmother laughed at me because it had been sooooo long since she had seen me eat like that.  I was ravenous.

And then about 30 minutes later, regretful.  I ate way too much and of so many foods that I knew I shouldn’t have been eating.  My stomach was starting to get into knots, and by the time an hour came around, I had a headache.  Ugh.  Mood kill.  I can already tell now that I’m bloated from the food.

Tomorrow is another day, and I’ll be back to the whole 30.  Starting with the yummy breakfast I had this morning.  I’m living each day and making mistakes as I go, but as long as I’m learning from them, I’m okay with that!


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