If not for the skinny jeans…

Emotionally, this sucks

Posted on: July 13, 2013

Before you read any further, you can rest assured this is not a debbie-downer post.  🙂  (It’s also not my most upbeat post either) (also, it may seem similar to my last post, but this is more about the why’s)

If you’ve been following along for a little bit, you’ll remember this post.  I can say without a doubt that it was during that one meal that all my motivation went out the window.  And then it snowballed.  One thing after another, after another.  It sucked.

I had a wonderful vacation and even found my new house!  But, honestly, things just never picked up to how they were.

I can’t say for certain what happened in my noggin, but whatever it is, it has been damn near impossible to fix.  (Notice I said “near”)

Sitting in my bed last night, chatting with one of my besties, I realized what my problem was, and then had my thoughts spoken for me by my trainer.  My emotions have gotten all out of whack.  I am a very emotional person, whether or not I show it.

I have been within the same 10 lb range since January.  My jean size had dropped to a 6, and I’m now back at an 8.  I am constantly comparing myself to strangers, and even worse, my friends.

I realized last night that my mentality had completely shifted, and not for the good.  “I’m just gonna gain it all back so why not eat that brownie/cake/cookie/extra slice…” (you get the point)  I’m glad I’m realizing this now instead of AFTER I would have gained the weight.

I’ve acknowledged that I’m at a motivational/emotional low point in my journey.  I’ve said on more than one occasion that motivation is not a stagnant idea.  It waxes and wanes like the moon.

Just to put this down on paper though, I think these are some of my triggers:

1. I set my expectations higher than I was willing to work for

2. The stress from the upcoming move (next week, eeeek)

3. It’s summer break and I’m not used to having to entertain both of my kids at the same time

4. I’m already feeling like I’ll be “lost” without Nick… 

5. I’m nervous I will gain the weight back since I seem to found a “comfortable” weight

6. I’m frustrated that I have to work so hard and either (a) those around me don’t appreciate my efforts or (b) those around me aren’t supporting my lifestyle that I’m TRYING to live…

7. I’m currently watching my two kiddos (ages 1 and 5) as well as my nieces (ages 3 and 7) and getting enough exercise in as well as the right foods is way harder than I thought it would be

I’m hoping that I can get back on track once things have settled down.  There are only so many things that are in my control that I have to learn how to deal with the things that I can’t control.  My marathon training starts Tuesday… and yes, I’m very nervous about it.  One of my biggest stressors about that is that I’m supposed to run my first 6 miles the same day I am to start the move…  I do know that if I’m not going to make it far at all in this training if I don’t change some things though.  

**I’d love to hear your comments/stories about any setbacks you had and how you overcame them!**


9 Responses to "Emotionally, this sucks"

I’m in a similar place. I let myself gain back a few pounds I had been happy to loose. I no longer get the “wow you’ve lost so much weight” or “you look great” comments and that in itself is demotivating even though I know it shouldn’t be about what others think. The bathing suit I happily bought last summer is the one I dread wearing this year. No I don’t look “that bad” but I don’t feel as good and I’m having a hard time getting to where I enjoy eating right and exercising again.

I am completely there. While on vacation I was able to get in some boudoir photos with a wonderful photographer. Now? There’s no way I’d do it. 😦 motivation is hard to find at this stage, but it does eventually come back…

Have you started to look for a trainer here in SA? Maybe that would help you in the transition back here if you had someone set up or almost set up to continue you on the same path. Nick could even get with whoever you decide on and let them know what his goals were for you, so they can develop a plan to get you there. Looking forward to seeing you back in town!

No I’m not using a trainer persey. Nick will still be helping me, just through other means of communication. Plus, I’ll be training at the school since we won’t be budgeting for a gym membership.

You can come work out with me at the FT Sam gym in the mornings. 🙂

I totally would except for that minor issue with daycare 🙂

You just callll out my naaame and you knooow wherever I am… I’ll come running to see you again!!!! Winter, spring, summer or faaallllll… all you gotta do is callllll, and I’ll be there, yes I will, you got a friend!


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