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I’m hoping that with better planning, I can prepare myself for the sneak attacks coming from the snack pantry! Tomorrow, I’ll be firing up the grill and getting the bulk of the meats cooked up and ready to go. Hopefully this works!Image


On my go-to website for nutrition and workouts, I have been picking up recipes here and there.  Almost all of them involve incorporating more protein into the recipe.  A couple of posts ago I wrote about the awesome Pumpkin Protein Bars I made on a whim.  They were delicious!  I’m not kidding!

I decided to try another recipe and see what the success would be like!  I love the flavor of lemon, and low and behold, I found a Lemon Protein Bar.  You use Crystal Light for the flavor!  Well, my first thought was that wasn’t going to be nearly lemony enough for me!  So I zested up a lemon and put about 1/3 to 1/2 of the lemon into the mix.  This recipe doesn’t make quite as many as the pumpkin bars, but you still get 16 servings out of it.

Now for the part you actually care about, the taste.  I should have left out the zest!  LOL  They were SUPER lemony.  Not bad, but just a smidge too much.  I will try them again, but without the zest.  I pack them in 2 pieces in cling wrap, and keep them in the fridge.  I will generally eat one piece as a mid morning snack and then another one in the afternoon on my way to the gym.  It’s just enough to keep my energy levels up without feeling like my stomach is full.

If you decide to take a gander at the website and find some recipes you like but would like me to try them out first let me know!  I’m more than willing to try anything at least once and I’ll give you my honest feedback, pictures included!  I wish I had taken a picture of the bars before I packaged them all up.  I did put half away so I could send some to my deployed hubby as well as some more yummy Pumpkin PB. (Can you tell I really like those bars?)  I’ll make sure to let you know what he thinks of them both!

Until next time!

I always make sure I have these items on hand because they seem to really satisfy:

Apples     Bananas     another varied fruit when the other two get boring     Carrots     Celery     English Cucumbers     Tomatoes     Romaine Lettuce     Bell Peppers (Any color)     Potatoes     Spinach     Frozen strawberries     Frozen bananas     Frozen and Canned Pineapples    Fat-Free (FF) Cottage Cheese     FF Ricotta Cheese     FF Greek Yogurt     Old Fashioned Oats     Brown Rice     Nature’s Own Reduced Calorie Bread      Canned Tuna (in water)     Tilapia     Shrimp     Chicken Breasts     Deli Sliced Chicken or Turkey     Venison     Extra-lean Ground Beef     Variety of Frozen Veggies     Almonds     Whey Protein Powder     Turkey jerky     Fresh Air-popped Popcorn     Marshmallows

Although I know this is the majority of my list, I may be forgetting a few things here and there.  I’m going to start photographing some of my meals so you can see that I am actually eating quite a bit, but  the type of food is so much more important!  (Plus I want to use the new lens my hubby bought me for my birthday)

If you have any staples you have in your house almost all the time please let me know!  I love new ideas!

Well, I feel much better now that I’ve started recovering from my fast food relapse.  And to start things on the right food, the very next day I made my own protein bars.66916_10152522061588532_1151349131_n

PUMPKIN protein bars to be exact.  You can get the recipe here.  I was leery about trying out something like this, but I knew I needed something satisfying (and sweet preferably) as a fail safe for “those” moments.  I even processed oats so I would have oat flour!  And guess what… they are great!  I am so happy I made them.  The website that I am a member of has tons of yummy ways to add more protein into your diet, which is what I’m attempting to do.

299813_10152522133108532_544687775_nI have noticed that by keeping the protein up, I am consequently keeping my carbs down.  I’m focusing on eating more lean meats or beans, with produce of some variety.  I am limiting most grains to the morning when I have the ability to utilize them better throughout my morning.  I say all this, but that doesn’t mean I’m sticking to it 100%.

Today was a really good day actually.  I made myself a strawberry banana protein shake (with almond milk).  For lunch I had grilled chicken salad, super light on the dressing and for dinner I opted out of the family dinner and made myself a tuna salad (as in a can of tuna on top of a bed of lettuce/veggies with dressing drizzled over).  My snacks consisted of either almonds or the protein bars.

I have noticed when I look down that my belly is poofier than normal which means one of two things, or both of them.  (1) I’m eating too much sodium (2) I’m not drinking enough non-caffienated liquids.  I’m going to up the water tomorrow and see what difference that makes in how I feel.

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