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Well, I’m coming up on being on phentermine for a week now. I’ve lost about 7 pounds. That’s honestly a little too quick for me, so I’m going to start taking a half dose everyday. It has seriously curbed my appetite, which is good and bad. I don’t snack at all anymore, which is good. But I also have next to no appetite so I’m not eating enough at each meal either. That latter reason is more of the reason I’m going to drop the dosage to half.

I still haven’t made it into a gym and to be completely honest I doubt I will go to the gym before school starts. On a plus side though, UTSA has a great weight room!!! I’m looking forward to getting back in there! I have set up a little fitness area in my bedroom that include a yoga mat, resistance bands, two different size stability balls, a Pilates circle, two jump ropes, numerous DVDs, and my foam roller. I’ve been getting some sort of workout in a few days a week, but nothing like I was before. I can already see and feel a difference in my body from not lifting, and it sucks. At this point though, something is better than nothing, and since I can’t really attack my workouts like I want to, I’ve put a lot of focus on my nutrition and making sure I’m eating as clean as I can.

In other news:
1. A coral snake decided to join my daughters and I yesterday morning while we were enjoying the morning outside. For those of you who don’t know what a coral snake is, it’s venomous. It’s often mistaken for the king snake because they are patterned similarly. Red, yellow and black rings. Thank god I remembered the old rhyme! “If red touches yellow, you’re a dead fellow. If red touches black, it’s a friend of jack.” Animal control wasn’t able to get it out of its hiding spot, so I’m still in no rush to go in our backyard.
2. The goob is all signed up for kindergarten. Where have the last almost SIX YEARS gone?!
3. Link will be coming home soon. Not super soon, but the countdown has started!


Hello out there!!  Sorry it’s been a while!  I’ve been using the past two weeks to move half way across the county, move into my new house, and show my cousins around the wonderful city of San Antonio!

In order to spare you some reading, I’ll just kinda bullet the things worth mentioning…

  • Since getting here, I’ve noticed a significant loss of “poofiness” in the lower belly area.  I attribute it to the lack of sweets and snacky foods at my house.
  • I haven’t been to the gym since the day before I moved and it’s driving me crazy!  I’m pretty sure I’ve found my next gym, but I won’t be able to start up with them until school starts because of day care issues.  I’ve already asked Nick for some ideas and I’m pretty sure I can use this time to find out if I love the stuff on Blogilates as much as I think I will.
  • I have pulled myself from the marathon in November.  Two reasons for this: (1) I don’t have the child care resources to get in the runs I need to train appropriately and (2) I don’t have the drive I once did to complete it.  I will still be running, and once I have the child care, my mileage is going to go up considerably, but I know I won’t be marathon ready.  It was a hard decision for me, but I know it’s best to hold off this year, and then kill it next year (hopefully).
  • Going grocery shopping in considerably easier to do when you have nothing to start with!  I can really set my nutritional goals and so far, it’s been working.  We’ve eaten out a few times, but not nearly as much as I could be lol
  • I am absolutely in love with my house!
  • My sleep schedule is all jacked up and has been causing issues for me during the latter half of the day (like concentration, focus, mood changes) so it’s something I’m working on.  I do think part of the problem though is that I haven’t been getting out the extra energy that my body had gotten used to producing for my trainings with Nick.

I think that covers the big things so far.  Leave your questions/comments below!  I know some of this is kinda vague, so just ask whatever’s on your mind, or just share some love!

–Being fit isn’t a goal, it’s a lifestyle.

Before you read any further, you can rest assured this is not a debbie-downer post.  🙂  (It’s also not my most upbeat post either) (also, it may seem similar to my last post, but this is more about the why’s)

If you’ve been following along for a little bit, you’ll remember this post.  I can say without a doubt that it was during that one meal that all my motivation went out the window.  And then it snowballed.  One thing after another, after another.  It sucked.

I had a wonderful vacation and even found my new house!  But, honestly, things just never picked up to how they were.

I can’t say for certain what happened in my noggin, but whatever it is, it has been damn near impossible to fix.  (Notice I said “near”)

Sitting in my bed last night, chatting with one of my besties, I realized what my problem was, and then had my thoughts spoken for me by my trainer.  My emotions have gotten all out of whack.  I am a very emotional person, whether or not I show it.

I have been within the same 10 lb range since January.  My jean size had dropped to a 6, and I’m now back at an 8.  I am constantly comparing myself to strangers, and even worse, my friends.

I realized last night that my mentality had completely shifted, and not for the good.  “I’m just gonna gain it all back so why not eat that brownie/cake/cookie/extra slice…” (you get the point)  I’m glad I’m realizing this now instead of AFTER I would have gained the weight.

I’ve acknowledged that I’m at a motivational/emotional low point in my journey.  I’ve said on more than one occasion that motivation is not a stagnant idea.  It waxes and wanes like the moon.

Just to put this down on paper though, I think these are some of my triggers:

1. I set my expectations higher than I was willing to work for

2. The stress from the upcoming move (next week, eeeek)

3. It’s summer break and I’m not used to having to entertain both of my kids at the same time

4. I’m already feeling like I’ll be “lost” without Nick… 

5. I’m nervous I will gain the weight back since I seem to found a “comfortable” weight

6. I’m frustrated that I have to work so hard and either (a) those around me don’t appreciate my efforts or (b) those around me aren’t supporting my lifestyle that I’m TRYING to live…

7. I’m currently watching my two kiddos (ages 1 and 5) as well as my nieces (ages 3 and 7) and getting enough exercise in as well as the right foods is way harder than I thought it would be

I’m hoping that I can get back on track once things have settled down.  There are only so many things that are in my control that I have to learn how to deal with the things that I can’t control.  My marathon training starts Tuesday… and yes, I’m very nervous about it.  One of my biggest stressors about that is that I’m supposed to run my first 6 miles the same day I am to start the move…  I do know that if I’m not going to make it far at all in this training if I don’t change some things though.  

**I’d love to hear your comments/stories about any setbacks you had and how you overcame them!**

While at the gym the other day with Nick, I could see that I had gained weight.  I hadn’t realized that it had gotten that bad.  I was looking at myself thinking, “oh god… have i seriously killed months of hard work just by not paying at much attention??”  I already know how much nutrition is as far as getting fit, and I honestly didn’t think I had gotten so far away from my 80/20.  So I went ahead and weighed myself.  


158 lbs 😦

Now, is that number making me depressed?  Am I saying I am a failure because I’ve gained weight? No and no.

It was a wake up call.  As I’m writing this, I’m making mental notes to repair my slip-ups.  I know that things have been way off schedule for me since Link’s visit in May, but for a while I was still able to manage.  Actually, while he was here, things were great.  It was after that that things started to fall apart.  I saw the signs and didn’t act on it.  Now, I’ve fallen much farther into this “pit” and I’m telling you know, I will climb back out.

I may be covered in mud and exhausted, but I will find my way back out.  I may be frustrated and grabbing for every single branch that lends it’s way towards me, but I will get out.  My nutrition will get back to normal and I will start feeling healthy again.

On a side note: My marathon training starts next week and to tell you I’m nervous doesn’t even start to come close to how I’m feeling about it.  The mileage is 3/3/3/6.  I know I’m not running for time, but I’ve never run over 6 miles.  There will be lots of mental struggles involved with this run.  With this training comes even more reason to fix my nutrition.  I can’t run at my best if I’m not fueling my body with the best fuel I can.

Hey everyone!  This is been one of the best vacations ever!  I’ve had the chance to see so many of my friends and amazingly not kill all the work I’ve put into my “transformation”!  This week was to be used as a recovery/rest period for my body.  I needed it.  I do find myself antsy at times, but it’s not too bad.  I went for a 3 mile run the second or third night I was here and ran it in 34 minutes!  I’m happy with that considering the last time I ran outside was when it was stupid hot and humid out and it just sucked!  Plus the development I was in had moderate hills, so it was a good run for my legs!  I also went dancing at my favorite bar here. Cowboys Dancehall!  It’s so much fun.  I tell ya what though… I have never danced so much in my life!  My group and I got there around 9, and around 9:30 the fun started.  Some very nice men asked us if we’d like to dance.  Who were we to turn them down?!  LOL  We were literally dancing for almost 4 hours straight!  I was sweating and laughing and being twirled and just having the best time ever!  Dancing has to be the best cardio there is!  LOL

As far as the nutritional aspect of my vacation, I’ve definitely splurged, but not so much so that I feel horrible afterwards.  One of my friends is s super clean eater so it’s nice to not be tempted by all the fatter and delicious sweets that are awaiting my arrival in MD.  

If nothing else, I am feel so much more rejuvenated.  It’s just been nice to have someone to talk to that is on the same page as me in so many different aspects of my life.  I am curious to know how my body will react to my first post-vacation workout with Nick after all this “rest.”  But until then, I’m just going to enjoy the last few days of this vacation.  I’ve got chaos waiting for me at home!

So after my major slip (more like a landslide) last friday it has been really hard to go back to the full Whole 30.  I’ve been picky about what i’m eating, but I’d say 25-50% is not whole 30 approved, but may still be considered “clean.”  I’m not trying to make an excuse for any of it, but I do know why and I just haven’t put forth the effort.  Some of those reasons being (1) I haven’t prepped enough meals  (2) eating a dinner separate from the rest of the family and still having to make food for the rest of the family is both frustrating and depressing and (3) I am really not looking forward to detoxing because that sucked!

That being said I did actually prep some really good chicken last night to have for my upcoming lunches, but because nothing else was planned for dinner for everyone else, that chicken got turned into the main dish for everyone’s dinner.  Luckily, EVERYONE loved it, so at least I know that’s a meal I don’t have eat alone.

I honestly didn’t think changing my diet in this way would effect me as emotionally as it has.  It’s not a feeling of deprivation from my oh-so-loved comfort foods, but more a feeling of isolation.  I know I am this adventure for myself, but I don’t like feeling like I’m the only one who cares either.  I don’t know if that makes much sense.  Sitting down at the dinner table, with my healthier choices for dinner and then looking at the dinner I made for everyone else, the ones who don’t need their diets modified this extremely, or are just picky… and it’s depressing.  With Link gone, there are definitely times that I feel like moping around, and when I’m eating dinner, that’s one of those times.  

On the upside though, I have had my appetite back since the “landslide.”  No more force feeding this chica!

finally a picture of the full breakfast

finally a picture of the full breakfast

I have literally been dragging all day today.  I blame two reasons… (1) I didn’t go to bed until 1:30 this morning and (2) my body has finally started the “transition.”  This transition is apparently very normal as the body goes from having a constant glycogen store that’s easy to get to from all the carbs and sugar to now having to rely on utilizing glycogen stores from proteins and healthy fats, which is apparently harder to do.  You can read more about it here.  It’s actually a timeline of what to expect as you go through it.  Luckily I didn’t get the “hangover” that’s typical on days 2 and 3.

It hasn’t been that hard so far.  I can honestly say it’s because I prepped for it.  What still gets me is late at night… I’m not necessarily craving the sweet stuff so much as I just want it, almost like a finisher for the day.  Last night I gave in and had three oreos and a small (like 3 oz) of milk.  I knew it wasn’t on plan.  I knew it’s the farthest thing from clean, and I didn’t have that “need” for it… It’s a weird feeling.  Anyway I ate it, felt satisfied and went to bed.  (1) I learned my lesson with milk.  Waking up with bubble guts is definitely not something I’d recommend to anyone.  Ugh.  It went away after I started really getting myself morning, but yea, no more cookies and milk for me.

had to change up lunch since I ate the rest of the fish I made yesterday.  Turkey meatloaf on lettuce

had to change up lunch since I ate the rest of the fish I made yesterday. Turkey meatloaf on lettuce

During my training (bi’s and back) Nick had to ask me a few times if I was okay.  I just kept saying I was tired.  I was.  All day.  I attempted to nap while A was sleeping, and even got the Goober in bed with me so she’d nap too.  While they slept soundly, I just kinda laid there… for an hour and a half.  I’m not complaining though… It was nice to not do anything, and I think I definitely need the mental rest just as my body needs the physical rest.  So, while the girls slept on, I broke out some crochet and watched The Voice from last night.  It was nice and mindless.

The pest guy got here, sprayed, and told me that my spider was not a recluse!!  Whoo hoo.  It was just a typical garden spider that wondered inside… a very healthy spider by its size. LOL

And right now I am literally going through the “I want something sweet” thing.  Blah.  Maybe I’ll just down a protein shake and go to bed.  Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do!

Breakfast – red pepper, zucchini, and onion frittata with sides of strawberries and mashed sweet potato

red pepper, zucchini and onion fritatta


red pepper, zucchini and onion fritatta

Immediately Post workout – protein shake made with water and some watermelon or strawberries

Post workout meal (lunch) – tilapia (x2) with a splash of lemon, a spring mix salad with lots of cucumber, and a side of butternut squash

Mid day meal – handful of cashews and almonds

Dinner – coconut thai chicken curry with a side salad

before bed (if needed) – protein shake made with almond milk

IMG_2029I’m drinking at least 2 glasses of water as soon as I get up, and while I’m eating breakfast, if I need it I drink a small cup of coffee with 1/2 tbsp of liquid creamer (I know it’s not “on plan”).  I am working my way to black coffee since I honestly don’t drink coffee that often, maybe one a week or so.  I don’t drink any juice or soda, and I’m not adding any of the to-go packets into my waters.  I’m getting between 1/2-1 gal of water a day.

As for supplements I’m taking a multi-vitamin, fish oil, a blend of healthy aminos, calcium, probiotics, OxyElite, glutamine and BCAA’s.  If I’m training, I take two (pill) BCAA’s with that first glass of water in the morning and then while I’m working out I put a scoop of BCAA’s in my water to drink and refill as necessary.  If I’m not training, I just take the two in the morning.

If you have any questions about what I’m eating or have any ideas for me to try shoot them on over!!

Day 2

Posted on: June 3, 2013

breakfast with one of my future sewing projects

breakfast with one of my future sewing projects

I had some leftover red pepper and shredded zucchini from my omelet yesterday so I made another egg white omelet and added some super yummy strawberries to it to help round it out a bit more.

Today was yet again another day that didn’t go as planned, but that’s not to say I went off plan.  I fell back into my not-eating-at-the-right-times thing.  But everything I did eat was definitely on plan!  Yay!

For those of you who don’t know, I am living at my parent’s home while Link is playing in the sandbox.  So last night the family decided to go out instead of cooking dinner.  I knew the menu of the restaurant we were going to pretty well so I knew I’d be able to stick pretty close to plan there.  It’s our favorite Mexican restaurant, which used to mean lots of carbs and cheese and deliciousness!  I ordered an entrée that was chicken with a multitude of veggies on top with the typical sides.  I asked for the sauce on the side and to cook in minimal oil.  It was DELICIOUS!  IMG_2027

No one in my family had ever had that dish before and I couldn’t get over how excellent the chicken was so I started passing bites around.  We all agreed that it was amazing.  I devoured as much as I could have that, took maybe two forkfuls of the rice and was stuffed!  And yes I know rice isn’t on plan but I’m okay with the two forkfuls I did it.

To quickly clarify something:  I am not doing the Whole 30 Challenge as a cleanse.  I am doing this as a means to really appreciate the foods I’m putting into my body.  To savor the foods natural flavor and enjoy any seasonings I put on it as a compliment to the food, not to overpower the food.

Back to the day.  After dinner we got home and we got the girls in bed for the night.  Once I knew they were down for good I knew I had to prep more meals or this just wasn’t going to work.  I ended up making enough fish for at least two days, breakfast for the week, and dinner for the week.  The next post will be the intended meal plan for the week (each day being the same thing).  I am definitely excited now!


Day 1

Posted on: June 1, 2013

So here are my stats for the beginning of this challenge:

Weight – 152 lbs  Body Fat – 22-23%

Chest – 37″               Bicep – 11.25″            Hips – 40.25″

Waist – 30″              Thigh – 22″                Calves – 14.25″

Forearm – 10″      Shoulders – 40.25″       Neck – 12″

First thing this morning I went to weight watchers and stayed for the meeting about emotional eating. After that I went straight to our local farmers market and picked up some red bell peppers, zucchini, strawberries and a seedless watermelon. I went home a got to slicing! I love fresh produce and lucky for me, so do my kids!

Today wasn’t a well planned out day though lol Once I finally got around to breakfast (three egg white omelet with sautéed zucchini and red pepper) we went off to the grocery store.


slicing and dicing!

I brought some veggies to snack on, but I could definitely feel myself get hungry. Once I got home I had to rush off to a kid’s birthday party so I grabbed some cashews and almonds and headed out.  Once there I saw what was being prepared food wise and thought “oh no.”  It was typical BBQ foods, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, two different cakes, chips and dips, some Italian potatoes.  I felt like I was defeated before I had even begun.

I asked my cousin (the host of the party) what type of burgers they were.  He told me they were typical beef burgers.  I went ahead and asked if he’d mind grilling me one without the cheese, which of course he obliged.  I figured I had to at least try so I ate the burger sans buns, grabbed some fruits off the fruit tray and drank two bottles of water to make my stomach at least think there was more in there.

All in all the day wasn’t horrible, but I definitely wasn’t prepared like I thought I was.  I learned my lesson!


omelet from breakfast

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